Streaming Your Own Music on Music Labels’ Websites

In the music industry, there is a very important role played by the internet. It has a very strong influence on how people listen to music, where they buy it, and how the artists are compensated. Most often, the modern music industry operates like this: a musician signs a contract with a label, which then scores deals with different music platforms (like iTunes, radio, and others), and the artist releases their music through that platform. The label pays for the artist’s music and the artist and the label share profits.

However, there is a new model under which the same artist may sign a deal with three or four record labels instead of just one. While most labels and artists now work this way, the labels are still doing a great deal of control over the music and the artist’s careers. Some artists are not even signed to a label at all, but instead choose to release their music through a free site like Bandcamp or MySpace. These artists can still earn a substantial amount of money through sales from their music, but they don’t have to worry about whether their songs will be heard on radio or in a nightclub.

Now imagine what happens when that same artist decides to sell their music online. What if you get a track that is absolutely perfect for streaming on the internet? If it has been produced by the right person and the right producer, you could have all of the benefits of traditional sales plus all of the ease of making a direct download that comes with it. How much easier would it be for you to sell your music online? Would you be able to do everything right away, from producing the music to paying the record labels, without the hassle of negotiating contracts, dealing with legal issues, and working out distribution deals? Would you be able to give your fans everything they want for a price that is cheaper than selling to a regular CD store or a conventional brick-and-mortar venue?

This is exactly what the new music industry is doing, but instead of the labels buying the rights to your music, they are offering it to you for free. They know that because they have already paid for it, they can put it out there and let the world listen to it for nothing else but the fees charged by the service. and their profit. They know that by allowing you to make money from your own music, you will be able to promote your music further and to build up your brand online, as well as having a bigger voice to represent yourself in the music industry.

There are a few reasons why the music industry is turning away from the labels and towards sites like Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube as sources of exposure for independent artists. First, you are more likely to see original music coming from more artists who have real talent, so that your music will be a unique, quality product. While you will find plenty of tracks on major record labels’ sites, you are much less likely to find the kind of original, unique, quality sound that comes from independent artists that the major labels are known for. Also, if you have a smaller fan base online, your popularity will skyrocket, which will lead to more listeners buying your music.

When you sell music through an internet platform, you will be able to sell a product that people want, so they will want to hear your music more often and purchase it from you. While it may take a little while to establish a following, eventually you will gain a following that is loyal and interested in what you are offering. As the popularity grows and your music becomes more sought-after, you can expect more money and more opportunities to move into a contract with one of the major record labels.

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