“‘Community’ Pop Culture References You Might Have Missed”

There’s a chance you’re asking yourself why it’s Community humorous. It has everything to do with the mass media. Though Community isn’t really a sitcom, it’s an satirical parody of sitcoms as well as popular culture. It’s also an often-profound criticism of our modern society of mass media. It’s also very funny.

Danny Pudi reacts in silence to Jeff’s declaration of his greatest anxieties

The story about Jeff is “The Perfect Guy”, which tells the tale about how Jeff shares with Danny Pudi his most intimate thoughts. The resulting scene is a masterful homage to Pulp Fiction. Danny Pudi is a perfect depiction of Jeff.

“Basic Lupine Urology.”

The sixty-sixth episode “Basic Lupine Urology”, is part of season 3 of Community. Megan Ganz wrote and directed the show. The date for the first airing on April 26, 2012 on NBC. Here are some facts about the episode. This article does not constitute a complete guide to the episode.

“Basic Lupine Urology” is a very funny episode. This is a wonderful instance of how Community employs gimmicks. Often, gimmicks are used as a cheap way to make the show, but Harmon and his team elevate the level of their use, and utilize the gimmicks in interesting and fun ways. This episode’s gimmicks aren’t particularly clever, but they’re done with near-perfect comedy.

“Contemporary American Poultry.”

Contemporary American Poultry A comedy that’s frequently overlooked by American people who love TV, is worth a look. The show is funny, and the writing quality is exceptional. The theme of the show is inspired by mob-themed films, but the show is far from its best when making reference to the genre as a as a whole. It does manage to mention some other Scorsese films, though as well as riffs off Sixteen Candles.

The show’s departure from its former nature as a sitcom was Community S1E21. It was a sitcom that featured “Contemporary American Poultry.” Even though Jeff Abed and Jeff Abed could find some common ground, the whole thing spiraled out of control. This episode was reminiscent of the mafia film and received generally favorable reviews.


Community is one of the best comedic series to utilize pop culture as plotlines. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it explores themes from other popular culture icons. Generation X was in their thirties by the middle in the 1990s and been old enough to be able to write scripts for sitcoms. This allowed for an influx of pop culture references to the world of sitcoms. For example, the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer casually spoke of rock groups. Additionally, Jerry Seinfeld was once caught doing a little sex while watching Schindler’s List. In fact, Eric on the TV show “That’s 70s” thought of himself as the character of Luke Skywalker.

Much like “Abed’s uncontrollable christmas” It also blends its comedy element with style. This makes the character more interesting. While sitcoms rarely have the opportunity to explore the emotions of their characters, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” accomplishes this in a manner which makes it stand out. It doesn’t get excessively sentimental. Instead, it presents pure emotion in the best way it can be.

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