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It is the Sunshine State, despite being right next to Hawaii with regard to climate, has its faults. As an example, it has one of the highest temperatures in the US and also a much higher than average frequency of tornadoes. The state is home to huge numbers of LGBTQ people. The cost is also low to live in the state.

However, Michigan is also a great state to live in. Missouri is relatively safe with a low rate of crime and lower tax burden. In a similar vein states, Michigan is an excellent bargain with a low cost of living and low tax burden for the state. The state of Ohio nevertheless, isn’t a surprise to those in the Rust Belt. It is a great area to retire. Indeed, 21 % of the residents are over 65 years old. State also rank in the top 10 states for health and overall quality of living.

The state of Florida can be a great area to retire. However, it’s not the most sought-after state. We tasked ourselves with finding one of the most desirable states that retirees can live in. To determine the most appropriate state for retiring we considered numerous factors, including the cost of living as well as taxes. To find the most suitable state for retiring, we looked at average temperatures and costs of living. Ultimately, we narrowed it down to six states. Every state is different however, we found that there were a few states that have impressive advantages.

State of Florida could be an amazing accomplishment in the field of geography, however Missouri is lacking in many aspects. Missouri is not the best state for retired people But, the state is home to the lowest rates of tax that are in the entire country. America’s most populous population is found here.

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