“Is Brittney Griner a criminal or a victim?”

The jailed American basketball player Brittney Griner was transferred to a penal colony in Russia Her legal team announced on Wednesday. According to her legal team there is no information on her current and final address. Griner, convicted for possession with a trace amount of cannabis oil and given the sentence of nine years in prison and was released from the detention facility on November. 4 as her lawyer’s team stated. “We do not have any details about her current whereabouts or the final location,” they said. When she tried to buy cannabis oil at an Moscow pharmacy and was taken into custody in Moscow. In October, she was sentenced for 9 years.

1. What is a penal colony?

A penal colony is a settlement that is used to exile illegals and unwanted individuals. These colonies tend to be located in remote or inhospitable areas, far from civilization. The concept of penal colonies is a long-standing practice dating back to the time of ancient times, when people were often exiled to isolated islands or other remote locations as punishment for crimes. Most well-known is the penal colony that was built in Tasmania off Australia’s coast.

2. What’s the distinction between the penal colony and prison?

There’s a big different between a penal colonies and an institution called a prison. A penal colony is a place where people are sent to receive punishment for their actions While a prison an institution wherein prisoners are detained while waiting for trials or completing their sentence. Penal colonies are generally thought to be situated in extremely inhospitable and remote areas, prisons can often be found in areas that have a greater number of residents. Penal colonies can also be far more difficult to get away from than prisons.

3. Brittney Griner was born in Russia.

It is unclear how exactly Brittney Griner ended up at a Russian prison colony. However, it is believed that she was involved in some sort of illegal activity while she was in Russia. It’s all speculation. We do not know how she got to the prison colony.

4. What are the conditions of Russian penal colony?

The conditions in prisons in a Russian penal colony can be described as cruel and brutal. A lot of Russian penal colonies house prisoners in cramped, dirty areas with limited access to medical services and the basic necessities. There is also a lot of violence, between inmates and by guards. It’s not that surprising that Brittney Griner could be heading to one of the Russian prison colony.

A Quick Summary

As per reports, Brittney Griner, WNBA player and mainstay from the WNBA was shifted from Washington DC and placed in a Russian forced labor camp. It was reported that the White House issued a statement expressing concern. The administration says they’ll fight hard to ensure that she is release.

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