Exploring Greek Tragedy: An Overview of Ancient Theater during the December Arts Calendar

The world of visual arts isn’t declining as the holiday time draws near. There’s a wide range of offerings, from double-performance bill shows to events that feature time travel and magic kingdoms to pre-Christmas. Furthermore, traditional Pop photography, movies on post-carceral art and historic figures in trans history, as well as talks and exhibitions on diasporic, spiritual, ancestral and spiritual themes and symbols within contemporary art, the style of deep-sea exploration, and a celebration of Black comics and more will be featured this Thursday, December 3rd with My Barbarian at REDCAT (Live & Virtual).

W nd St is home for the well-known production My Barbarian. It includes You Have Been Born Poor, and Poor You are Going to die. The combination of rock opera, mystery play and ancient Greek theatre portrays a religious cult that commits human sacrifice in order to maintain the status quo. Furthermore, Silver Minds will be performed, which draws on the traditional conventions from Noh theatre, New Wave music, and science fiction as it tells stories of ghosts about environmental change and the extraction of natural resources through the eyes of visitors that have traveled to the past to enjoy nature. The place has been wiped out. The performances will take place between Thursday and Saturday, the month of December and begin with a 7:30 pm start. Admission costs are $1.

The public is invited to attend an experiential artwork that is multi-media during Thursday and Friday on December the 3rd and 4th each, which will celebrate the premier of a fresh FX series that is based upon Octavia E. Butler’s critically acclaimed novel. The guests will be given the chance to experience a journey into the past from present-day Los Angeles to th century America with a specially-curated gallery that showcases works of Black artists. This will be enhanced by an immersive environmental installation. The event is located at W Adams Boulevard West Adams in Los Angeles. Hours are :pm – :pm on the 4th of December and 9:00 – 4:00 pm on Friday, December th.

Alexander May has curated this unique collection of black-and white film portraits. It gives a peek into the creative process and how it is affected by the experiences of life. This exhibition highlights Warhol’s numerous film subjects, which include Contemporaries and his friends such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, William S. Burroughs, Bianca Jagger, and many more. N Western Ave, E Hollywood on Fridays and Sundays from December 1 to December 31 between 10 and 5 pm; no charge; sized.ltd. A documentary film about Jesse Krimes, the prisoner artist who was imprisoned which will be screened at MOCA in the form of ‘Art and Krimes by Krimes.

Mari Cardenas’ works of art–including a -foot mural crafted by using sheets from prisons hair gel, newspapers — will be showcased in an exhibit titled Colores de Valor at Self Help Graphics. The panels were taken in pieces and smuggled by other artists. Krimes took in the entire work when he returned to his house. Krimes is an artist with a reputable name who draws attention to his works. It is a struggle to adapt to the outside world and with the fear that any mistake could lead him into a lifetime of imprisonment. This celebration will be held at S Grand Ave. in Downtown on the 5th of December at 5:00 pm.

Mari now at the age of 90, continues painting. Mari is also an important member of Self Help Graphics. SHG has a special show at the gallery E st St. Boyle Heights. The exhibit demonstrates the ways in which Mari used color, form and emotional expression to overcome everyday challenges and discover happiness. The show will be open until February 2nd and is open to the public. The 10th of December, on a Friday between 0pm and 0pm visitors will be able to see works by other SHG artists. A virtual art presentation is scheduled on the premises of The Getty on Saturday, October 10th.


Self Help Graphics is displaying Colores de Valor on Friday, December 6, at 7pm. The amazing artwork was created by Mark Dean Veca, while the prisoner was there. It’s comprised of pieces from prison beds sheets, gel for hair, as well as newspaper, and was made with help from fellow prisoners. This exhibition aims to bring an awareness to the issues facing those leaving prison. The exhibit is open for all and it’s free. So don’t miss out – go to S Grand Ave., Downtown and see art that speaks to the struggles that come with adjusting to life in prison, and also the real fear of returning to prison.

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