The challenges Republicans face in controlling the Senate

In the meantime, as we wait for Nevada Senate election results it’s time for a look at the facts. Republican Adam Laxalt currently holds an 821-point lead votes in comparison to Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. While this is certainly an extremely close contest however, we must remember that every vote counts and that we should respect this process. On Friday, we also received some encouraging results for Republican voters in Nevada. Joe Lombardo beat Steve Sisolak to become Governor. This is a huge win for the Republican party, and it shows the Nevadans’ willingness to embrace change.

1. What are the latest Senate results in Nevada?

Two Senate elections are pending in Nevada. There is firstly the race against Republican current Senator Dean Heller (Democratic challenger) and Jacky Rosen (Democratic opponent). Another race is between an incumbent Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and her Republican opponent, Danny Tarkanian. Both races are competitive and will ultimately be decided by which side can get the highest number of voters. If Republicans succeed in winning both seats, they’ll retain control of the Senate. If, however, the Democrats can win either or both seats then they’ll take charge of the Senate. The outcomes of the Nevada Senate race will have major implications for the balance of power in Washington.

2. Who’s leading the Senate race?

Trump’s ally has failed in his Senate campaign, which puts the chance of the GOP being in control of the Senate at risk. With only a few days before the presidential election It isn’t clear who will be leading the Senate race. The outcome is likely to fall to just a few crucial races, which are too close to call. The Senate is controlled currently by Republicans with a slim majority. But their chances of keeping control of the Senate were hampered when their primary candidate was defeated. This was because the Republican Party considered this candidate as an important part in its plan for maintaining power over the Senate.

3. Who took home the gubernatorial contest in Nevada?

Another Trump protege is sacked from Senate campaign, threatening Republican hopes of taking control. 2. Who won the Nevada gubernatorial seat? This news about a Trump supporter losing his Senate bid is a blow to Republican expectations of keeping control of the chamber. The defeat in Nevada means that the Republicans will now have an extremely tough time winning back the Senate at the next election in 2020. In the gubernatorial election in Nevada was won by Democrat Steve Sisolak. The Democrats have now taken total control of the state’s government that is a huge victory. Sisolak had a campaign of expanding access to health care as well as increasing the funding available for education. This proved popular with the voters of the state.

Quick Summary

The defeat of the Republican presidential candidate has clearly proved that Republicans have given up on their dream of being elected to the Senate. A further example of the disastrous Trump policies can be seen in this.

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