The Best Booking Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

As its users continue to grow over the years and the number of people using Airbnb increases, we expect that Airbnb is likely to break records following the outbreak of the virus. An old Airbnb report was published for the purpose of highlighting the progress made by Airbnb. As we enter the year the next year, it looks like another great year is in store for the platform. Airbnb has intensified efforts to provide “Airbnb experiences” where guests can book their stays and other fascinating opportunities. This follows a suspension during the pandemic. CEO Brian Chesky publicly declared modifications to the pricing structure that aim to improve transparency and also to reduce check-out tasks, which may further enhance the ease of use for guests on the service.

The start of the new year is closing in, and now is the ideal time to begin planning your next adventure around the globe. Airbnb reports that travelers are seeking out exotic destinations following the outbreak. This indicates that revenge travel is preferred by some. Below are some helpful tips to assist you in booking these amazing destinations and get the most value for your money from Airbnb’s platform.

It is unsurprising that multiple cities are included in the top ten, with many of them being renowned for their scenic beaches. Malaga is the highest-rated city on the list and is situated along Spain’s south coast. Malaga is the home of Picasso and has an array of historical monuments, including Phonecian castles and medieval cathedrals. Arabic fortresses as well as Roman theaters. Each August during the month of August, the Feria de Malaga takes place as a festival that is traditional, featuring fireworks, bullfights, flamenco and procession to honor its patron saint. There are crowds of people all day long from dawn until night during this period.

Trailing in the wake of initial position taken by ‘Down under’ second spot is claimed by Sydney, Australia; a highly sought after location for stunning beaches and gorgeous cityscapes. Third place is given the city of Melbourne, Australia; known as the coffee mecca in the world, and Auckland from neighbouring New Zealand earns fourth spot which is often called”the City of Sails. In the final position, fifth place is taken from Bangkok, Thailand – a city that is famous for its lively street scene, stunning temples and famed cuisine. The popularity of Bangkok among tourists from Southeast Asia has been established over several years; however it has recently seen a rise of travel plans to Thailand increasing occupancy rates in the wake of the pandemic lows Bangkok has definitely returned to its former prominence.

Porto Seguro and Florianopolis, both stunning locations close to the shoreline of Brazil are placed seventh and eighth. Ninth place is held by Perth in Australia. Perth is famous for its one of the biggest parks that are larger than Central Park in New York City. The final spot on the list is tenth spot is Salvador in Brazil well-known by its Portuguese colonial buildings and Afro-Brazilian culture. Aland is ranked first as a beloved retreat of adventurers due to its numerous opportunities for extreme sports and other outdoor activities in New Zealand’s South Island.

The platform of Airbnb was at one time cheaper, despite being amazing. Then, when the virus was afoot, the average one-night stay in the US surpassed that of rooms in hotels. There are several ways people can cut down on the expense of their stay. One example is filtering out newly listed places that hosts usually advertise at a discounted rate in order to attract more guests or good reviews. If you take advantage of underpriced properties, you can be sure to find a pleasant hotel that’s as enjoyable than hotels.


The list of the world’s most popular getaways for thrill-seekers showcases some of the most beautiful and original locations in the world. These stunning locations offer something for all ages including historical sights to sports that are extreme in New Zealand to Salvador Brazil. Whether you are looking for the thrill of adventure or relaxing getaway, you’ll find it in this list of popular destinations to escape from the hustle and bustle of across the globe.

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