‘Everything hurts in your lungs’: Arctic blast to impact millions of Americans into next week

It’s been an exciting ride this week with a coast to coast storm that brought plenty of extreme weather. A high-pressure ridge moving in is expected to be more calm. FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said that this high pressure rising ridge will begin to move in to the area of the storm, creating an environment that’s calmer. High pressure will result in wind chill temperatures dropping down to below zero across the northern Plains and also the Intermountain West. This colder weather could be beneficial in certain places due to the mild winter. But, we’ll need to be more careful in areas that experience colder temperatures.

1. How cold of temperatures are anticipated to drop in Northern Plains and Intermountain West?

As temperatures all across in the United States plummet due to an Arctic blast, millions of Americans are likely to witness an extreme drop in temperature next week. The arctic blast is believed to be most intense in parts of the Northern Plains region and the Intermountain West, where temperatures could drop to new records. The exact temperature is yet to be determined. However the expectation is that temperatures in these regions will be drastically lower than those typically encountered during this time of year. The sudden drop in temperature could create a myriad problems in these areas, including the increased chance of frostbite or hypothermia.

2. What effect does the forecast from coast-to-coast storm will have on forecasts?

The latest news about the storm that runs from coast to coast known as the “Everything Hurts inside your Lungs’ Arctic blast has generated quite a controversy within the meteorological world. The storm of this magnitude is likely to make a huge impact on millions of Americans during the coming week. Indeed, the National Weather Service has warned that this storm could cause precipitation and lower temperatures to the vast majority of the United States, with a few areas experiencing below freezing temperatures. A storm is likely to hit the continent starting from the west coast with heavy snow and powerful winds.

3. What kind of conditions are we likely to experience when we have a huge high pressure ridge that is that is behind the storm?

The news that has emerged of an arctic blast set to impact millions of Americans into the next week could be cause for concern. This blast is likely to be associated with the presence of high pressure. It could cause serious weather disruption and complex weather conditions. The term “high” refers to pressure is an atmosphere that is thicker and denser than the surrounding air. The result is a dome-like form. The dome in high pressure is able to trap cold air, and lead to extreme temperatures. This extreme cold can cause some dangerous conditions, for example, hypothermia and frostbite as well as lead to death in extreme cases.

4. How long can the frigid temperatures last?

The Arctic storm that’s currently taking the lives of millions of Americans will continue to affect millions of Americans until next week. The cause of this is an arctic vortex pushing cold air from the Arctic region down into the lower temperatures. This is causing temperatures to plunge dramatically, leaving many people feeling that “everything hurts in their lungs”. The artic air mass will continue to remain in place for more days to keep temperatures below that of average. This current situation could be exacerbated by this weather event. Important to be aware of appropriate precautions when temperatures stay low to protect oneself and others from potential hazards of extreme cold.

A Quick Summary

The long-running coast-to-coast storm reminded us all how important to prepare for severe weather. If you’re not in a region that’s susceptible to tornadoes and blizzards, you should still take the time to protect your house and yourself before the storm hits. You should have emergency gear in your home, preparing the necessary family plan of action, and staying informed of the latest weather forecasts. In addition to the threat of extreme temperatures in the coming week, it’s the perfect time to ensure that your family is prepared to deal with any weather extreme that will come our way.

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