Exploring the Impact of International Law on Charles ‘The Serpent’ Sobhraj’s Freedom

We’re sad to announce the news that Charles Sobhraj has been released from Nepalese prison after being found guilty of murdering two backpackers One American as well as a Canadian. While he has been released from prison, the sentence is that he’ll be taken to France for the duration of the sentence, and will be barred from returning to Nepal at any time in the in the future. While it’s difficult to understand why someone could commit such a terrible crime, it is important to remember that Sobhraj is now serving his sentence. He is now awaiting trial. Nepalese government is seeking to have his return to France in the shortest time possible.

1. What do you think the Nepalese government make sure Charles Sobhraj was deported from Nepal?

Recently, news reports have revealed the fact that Charles Sobhraj (the Serpent) known as the Serpent, a notorious French serial killer has been released from the Nepalese prison and is now transferred to France. There was a debate over the steps implemented from the Nepalese government to ensure Sobhraj’s removal to France. The Nepalese government took a number of steps to ensure that Sobhraj’s removal from Nepal. The first was that Sobhraj was freed from the suspension sentence which he received in 2004 , following the murder of two tourists. The government was then able to move forward with the deportation.

4. What can the Nepalese government get Charles Sobhraj to achieve their objectives?

There have been mixed reactions in response to the decision of the Nepalese government to remove Charles Sobhraj (also known as “The Serpent”) from France to the French prison. While many are applauding the Nepalese government’s swift actions in the fight against this notorious criminal other are worried about the potential negative consequences. There are two primary motives behind the deportation of Sobhraj by the Nepalese government. This serves two goals one is to get rid of the person who was thought to be a threat for the general public. Second, it is to free the Nepalese government from embarrassment, and to remind them that they are not afraid to prosecute serious criminals.

5. What happened to Charles Sobhraj appear when he was released from the Nepali jail?

Charles Sobhraj (also known as “The Serpent”) was released from the Nepali prison in the month of March, 2020. He was serving 20 years in prison for several offenses. Sobhraj was released from prison in March of 2020 following an entire 20 years for various offenses. But his physique and gait were evidently a reflection of his age , 74. Smears of salt and pepper appeared in his forehead and hair. It is likely that this was because of the lengthy days he was in jail. White shirt, blue stripes along with dark trousers and slippers were the outfit. Also, he carried an unmarked grey bag.

A Short Summary

Charles Sobhraj (the notorious “Bikini killer” who is of Indian and Vietnamese origin) was released from the Nepalese prison after serving the majority the term of. The reason for this was his good conduct and health issues. The string of horrific murders he carried out stunned Asia in the 70s. This remains among the top well-known instances of international crime. Sobhraj could escape the suffering and pain the murderer caused when he was transferred to France and will be sentenced to a second term.

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