The Benefits of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses in NYC: How Dreams Become Reality

This month presents a unique chance to witness Black entrepreneurs who are thriving with their businesses in New York City. We showcase people who are performing amazing work in the city and offer their tips for entrepreneurs with small businesses. Khadejha Brunner (Dejha B) has come up with Dejha B Coloring. This brand is a great solution to reduce stress and inspire the creativity of. When asked about the inspiration behind the business, Brunner said, “The long-lasting effects of COVID- pandemic and mental health problems faced by members of the Black community have given me the inspiration to create a company that can lead to transformative change.” Coming from her residence in the city of.

Renee Bishop was the founder of Deity and serves as its creative director. It was difficult for her to continue her recording career because of the fact that studios were closing. One of her friends suggested she attempt coloring in books to relax. Then she realized there weren’t many coloring books with inspiring content or featuring women of colour. To fill that void, Bishop launched her first publication “Color Your Dreams Reality.” As advice for other entrepreneurs struggling during these days, Bishop recommends doing one’s studies to obtain the most effective advice and costs for their company.

York is a luxury ready-to wear clothing brand for women that was launched in 2009. It has timeless pieces that are inspired by European styles and the influences of urban life. York has had huge success with its 6 collections of its own as well as the company has made three New York Fashion Week appearances. The concept was born from its founder’s frustration over the absence of designer clothes suitable for her curvy body kind of body, leading her to develop pieces of clothing for herself. Deity New York was founded after receiving positive feedback from friends and family. Its founder’s recommendation is to be steadfast in one’s beliefs and avoid being swayed by other’s opinions.

Marcos Martinez Martinez is the driver of Men Who Brunch in Manhattan. He assists people in deciding the right course of action for certain business matters. He is one of the very few Black and Gay bloggers out there, offering details on various subjects. These topics include great brunch venues for those in the LGBTQ+ community of New York City as well as web-based series worth taking a look at. He also plans gatherings for those in the Black LGBT population. Martinez expressed concern about his plan and claimed that “if you do not listen to everyoneelse, it’s going be impossible to move forward in any business.” Martinez’s overall goal is to make a safe and sociable place for all.

Martinez advised that it was vital to get involved in your business, and not just focus on your income. Martinez stated that enthusiasm can be a drive to overcome difficult circumstances for the sake of entrepreneurialism. Smalls was a Harlem-based author who published fifteen books with major publishers. The author later regretted that she was not able to create work that could benefit Black children and their communities. Smalls decided to establish her own publishing firm named Literacise LLC. claims to be owned by minorities and woman-owned. Smalls also stated that her concentration primarily lies in providing children’s literature filled with captivating plots and appealing images, and working towards social advancement.

At the age of , Mrs. Evans not only embodies Black History but also has an unrivalled insight into the amazing changes that have occurred over the years. Her wise counsel was to ensure that the venture meets some market demand instead of focusing on one’s ego and to ensure the uniqueness in the service or product that is being provided. Shaun Evans was a businessman from Westwood, New Jersey, Shaun Evans founded Envy Wrapz an organization that wraps cars with Paint Protection Film (PPF) to prevent chipping.


In the end, Nia-Amina Smalls is a prominent advocate in the field of entrepreneurial culture and also of the Black Creative community. Through her venture Literacise, LLC, she seeks to promote positive changes in the realm of literary by creating young readers’ books that are appealing to the eye and are socially progressive. Together with her fifteen published titles, she gives an inspiring model of determination and determination to be successful despite the challenges.

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