What Makes Auburn’s Online Programs Stand Out

In the annually conducted University of Utah survey of schools and universities, Auburn’s online courses were listed as among the best across the nation. Auburn has among the highest retention rates for students in the freshman class, and has a strong focus on graduate degrees and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology. There are also courses in management and business administration. information systems.


There are online programs available to those who want to earn an accounting degree or to relaunch their career. These programs can be completed within just one year. It is possible to specialize in a variety of aspects of accounting with the aid of a variety of software programs.

The on-line Master of Accountancy program at Auburn University is designed for professionals. The program offers the same quality education and training as the traditional on-campus program but with the additional benefit that you can study at home. The program prepares you to take taking the Uniform CPA Exam and is accredited by the AACSB.

Business Administration

Auburn University’s business administration online program is as one of the best in the nation. There are a variety of specializations offered in marketing and finance. In order to be eligible for admission the students need to have working experience.

The program will help students learn the skills of accounting and finance along with the management of personnel and marketing. A typical monthly student loan amount for Auburn University’s business administration program is $486.

The program lets students decide if they wish to pursue their studies full or in part-time. Distance learning also is available in the University. If you’re looking for greater flexibility, this is something to consider.

Management information systems using Information Systems

Auburn University has one of the most prestigious master’s degrees in management information systems that students can take advantage of. The Auburn University Master of Science in Management Information Systems is an outstanding illustration of how technology can integrate technical and managerial skills for students to benefit.

MIS (Management Information Systems) is a new academic discipline that helps companies in optimizing their information and human system. Businesses can improve their operations using the most advanced technologies. You can earn more from their investments.

The students are rapidly embracing the idea of a master’s on management systems. Auburn University’s MIS master’s program is competitive and affordable. It is an excellent opportunity to begin a new career in any field of technology.

Industrial engineering and systems

Auburn Engineering Online provides 14 online master’s and graduate certificate programs as well as degrees. Students can access high-quality online tools that are similar with those on campus. Students are also able to study on the internet and reduce the time spent traveling.

If you are a student in the field of the field of systems or industrial engineering There are a variety of master’s degrees available. Students are able to pick the best one for them, since each one has their own set of specifications and focus.

Certain engineering courses in industrial engineering will need you to complete math and statistics courses. They are offered as optional courses for those who don’t have the necessary courses.

Graduate student certificates

Auburn University provides a range of online graduate degrees including data science, systems engineering manufacturing, engineering and. The university’s online Auburn graduate school is a part of the Harbert College of Business.

The certificates are earned on the internet by students with the option of taking at least two classes per term. The program is entirely online and is a cost-effective method of earning a college degree.

Students can apply for assistantships that can pay for the cost of tuition and living expenses. It is also possible to apply for the Work-Study program is also open for students. Students will gain experience in the workplace as well as a degree from a college during the course of this program.

Freshmen retention rate

Auburn University is one the most prestigious schools located in Alabama. It has high rate of graduation and has a great faculty-student relationship. Additionally, it has an excellent program. It offers numerous awards and scholarships for students are able to take advantage of.

There are a variety of degree programs that are offered at Auburn University. Auburn provides a range of degrees, meaning you have the option of choosing among a variety of careers, such as accounting, medicine and computer sciences. Graduate degrees online are offered.

Degree programs online offer the same top-quality education that traditional courses offer. It is possible to study whenever you need to.

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