Capturing the Moment with Ely: Behind the Scenes of a Professional Photographer

Jim Brandenburg is an Ely-based Minnesotan who has travelled across the globe to take breathtaking images of nature and animals. Born in Minnesota and was awarded the National Geographic Lifetime Achievement Award from the Photo Society. The award-winning photographer acknowledged his gratitude for the highly coveted award in a press release. He stated that he had the honor of receive numerous awards throughout time, but this was the most notable because it was presented by my fellow photographers and colleagues, who are among the top photographers in the world. There are five other individuals who qualify to receive this award, which is known as the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

In the past, National Geographic photographers received the honor. Brandenburg’s most recent contribution to National Geographic was in the form of a long photographic essay titled “Days of the Spring”. Over the course of several years the photographer has been associated to National Geographic. Brandenburg was unable to attend the Washington awards ceremony in the month of March because of his involvement in two film projects that are based in Europe. Brandenburg declared that they were among the most complicated and significant projects of his professional career. Brandenburg is the focus of a feature film which explores the relationship between Brandenburg and the natural world, made by the well-known producer company that won the Cannes Awards.

Brandenburg Films is an Italian large-screen production firm that makes films. They’re collaborating alongside crews of the United Kingdom in a document on the beauty of nature in the Dolomite Mountains. Brandenburg said that the film will focus on the Northwoods as well as BWCAW landscapes, as well as the animals that live near his residence. Brandenburg said that the movie includes an image of the Touch the Sky Tallgrass Prairie Preserve located in southwest Minnesota and is the area his family was from when he first came to Minnesota. Brandenburg is from Luverne is well-known for his photographs of Arctic Wolfs from Minnesota.

Brandenburg was a student at Worthington Community College and continued his studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth, which is where he studied the field of art historical studies. Brandenburg also worked at WDIO TV. Brandenburg quit UMD for an adventure to the Canadian Arctic together with Art Aufderheide, Duluth’s anthropologist and pathologist. The two spent six weeks recording footage of Inuit individuals living in nomadic communities. To commemorate this accomplishment, Brandenburg was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Brandenburg came back to Worthington and started his professional career as a photographer with The Worthington Daily Globe.

Robert S. Brandenburg was named to be a National Geographic Magazine contract photographer in. The work he did as a photographer who worked for a company on a contract basis earned his the approval of the National Geographic Society. Robert S. Brandenburg was named the Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association on two occasions. In addition, the International League of Conservation Photographers acknowledged his outstanding portfolio and ranked four of his photographs of wildlife as among the top forty photographs ever. Brandenburg could capture several iconic photos, such as the white wolf leaping across frozen ice floes that were floating in Canada, a gray Wolf looking out over various Northern Minnesota trees, as well as an oryx in the desert.

John Brandenburg was recently recognized for his stunning nature photos which were first displayed at the Minnesota’s Blue Mounds State Park. Brandenburg was honored with the World Achievement Award from the United Nations Environmental Programme, Stockholm. The award acknowledges the efforts he has made to increase consciousness of the environment among people. The award was presented to him as with the Lifetime Achievement Award by North American Nature Photography Association. Brandenburg said “I am working on various publications. I’m trying to gather the confidence to release them. Brandenburg stated, “I am back in Minnesota and am feeling extremely honored and a bit breathless thinking about all this.”

All of us can learn from one another.

Chris Brandenburg’s unique style of photography is an effective way to create stories. He has been awarded numerous high-profile awards due to his distinctive capacity to capture the beauty of nature. His work has generated an interest and admiration for the diversity of ecosystems on our planet as well as its animal species. It has prompted individuals as well as organizations to take greater actions to protect the environment.

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