Examining the Reality TV Phenomenon of ‘Squid Game’: How It Reflects Current Social and Cultural Trends.

The tragedy of recent times in Tennessee is an eloquent warning of the risks that come with working in harsh circumstances. Tyre Nichols was 29 years old father who was victimized by the negligence of five of the police officers. Five of them have been charged with second degree murder in addition to kidnapping, assault, formal misconduct, and oppression. Our society as a whole should be amazed by this incident and insist on higher safety standards regarding working conditions. This issue doesn’t just affect people in Tennessee–people everywhere are routinely subjected to hazardous and dangerous conditions of work, just because their livelihoods depend on it.

1. Which actions were performed by Tennessee police officers who are accused of assault, second-degree murder, kidnapping and various other violations of the law?

Following the announcement of the Player who endured four days of ‘physical and mental torture’ in the ‘cruel’ Netflix Squid Game show, five officers in Tennessee are being accused of second-degree murderand assault, kidnapping, and official misconduct. This is an incredibly grave incident that has triggered an uproar and is crucial to know the manner in which the officers are accused of. Second-degree murder charges indicate that the officers were in intent of perpetrating a serious crime, and the charge of assault implies that officers used violence against the player likely leading to suffering.

2. What was the impact of the frigid temperatures during filming of the movie affect the crew?

In regards to the recent news of an Squid Game show contestant enduring four days of “physical and mental torture’ in an Netflix show that claims to be cruel, conditions during the shooting of the show was a significant issue for the crew. The weather conditions were particularly challenging to deal with due to its unpredictable nature, and the crew must be prepared to deal with a variety of temperatures which ranged from mild weather to extreme cold days. The cold also affected cameras and equipment used to film, because extreme temperatures can put strain on the reliability of equipment and its fortitude. Also, the crew had have extra measures to safeguard the cast as well as the crew from the chill and cold, including providing additional layers of clothing , and setting up shelter for breaks.

3. What was Tyre Nichols’ age at the time the police attempted to murder Tyre Nichols’ age when the officers tried to kill him?

Tyre Nichols, who was the subject of the cruel Netflix Squid Game Show, was just 24 when the officials responsible for his death were indicted. The show was viewed by many as an “torture” or “inhumane” experiment that was designed to test the mental and physical limits of participants. Nichols was forced to endure four days of intense competition, before suffering from his injuries. Officers were initially accused with murder by negligence, however charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. But, the incident is described as a “wake-up alarm” to the reality of the risks of these extreme show and has caused a lot of people to question the morality of such shows.

4. What components of the officers’ behavior have been deemed criminal?

Recent reports of the Player suffering 4 days of torture in Netflix’s “cruel” Squid Game, 4 has brought attention to the actions taken by the police officers. The officers’ actions are viewed as criminal since they displayed such disregard for the fundamental rights of the Player and engaged in torture-related activities. Physical elements include using physical force in order to keep the player from taking part in the show and inflicting physical pain on the player to force them to participate in specific activities.

A Brief Summary

When fighting for justice and fairness it important that everyone’s voice can be heard regardless of structures of power. Memphis Fire Department should support transparent and open review of footage that shows the brutality of treatment for an innocent victim. This is another reminder of how easily individuals can be a victim of discrimination based on gender and race that must not be allowed to happen in any way. Only by working as a team to hold those in authority accountable, that we are able to create lasting, meaningful change to our community.

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