At least 17 killed, 90 injured in Peshawar

An attack of suicide took place this morning at a mosque located within Peshawar’s Police Lines of Peshawar in Pakistan. There were 147 people injured in the attack and many of them in critical condition. We feel their pain and grief Our prayers and thoughts are for the victims. Shehbaz Sharif is the prime minister of Pakistan has fiercely condemned the incident and swiftly sent security forces and emergency teams on the site. To reduce the chance of attacks like this to occur in the near future, Sharif has declared that his government will collaborate with provincial governments to strengthen the capabilities of their counter-terrorism forces.

1. Did there happen an incident in Peshawar that left 147 wounded?

On the 23rd of June, 2020, 147 suffered injuries in the tragedy that left 17 people dead. As per reports that the explosion occurred near the mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan. The result was horrendous injuries and death. While the reason for the explosion is not known however, it’s believed to have been caused by an individual who was attempting suicide by targeting the mosque. A large number of victims sustained serious burns and fractured bones. Some of them, the victims were permanently disabled. The Pakistani government promised to increase security, and also bring justice to the perpetrators of the incident.

3. Did Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif severely denounced?

The terrorist attack in Peshawar which left at most 17 people dead and over 90 injured people has been severely condemned by Pakistan’s Prime Secretary Shehbaz Sharif. The Peshawar attack, which occurred in March 2013, was a shambolic and obscene action. The Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has strongly condemned the attack in a signal of the unwavering stance taken by the government in opposition to terrorist attacks. The Prime Minister has declared that terrorist acts of violence are not tolerated, and those who were responsible for the terrorist attack are going to be prosecuted. The Pakistani government Pakistan is taking a firm stand against terrorism, and is committed to bring justice. This is an important move towards bringing peace and stability to the region.

4. How many people died of the blast at Kocha Risaldar in Peshawar?

It’s very heartbreaking to learn about the latest explosion that took place at Kocha Risaldar, Peshawar. As per reports that the incident caused at the very least 17 people dying and over 90 injured. This tragic incident is warning of the fragility of life as well as the unpredictable nature of the region. While the reason for this incident is not known however, it underscores the necessity to make every effort to safeguard the life and property of the people who reside in the area. The attack killed many in the dead, which is a stark reminder of why it is crucial to remain alert and swift in responding in the event of a threat.

A Short Summary

The terror act is intended to create terror and hatred in the society. The premier Imran Khan has condemned the tragic incident and demanded an immediate investigation into the suicide bomber’s attack. We’re deeply sad for the families of those who were harmed by this tragic attack that was completely unjustifiable. We all must be together in unison to denounce the horrific act and cooperate to prevent the occurrence of any further terrorist attacks.

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