4 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Weight loss is a universal goal. Everywhere you look there is another ad or article encouraging someone to “just get started!” The question is how do you choose the right approach and stay motivated? Keep reading to find out the basics of weight loss and how you can use these to become slim and healthy yourself!

Think you know your ABC’s yet? I’m not referring to the old classroom basics you learned in primary school, but the principles of healthy weight loss success. Here are 26 of the most important weight loss tips, from A through Z: A) Be mindful of portion sizes. B) Balance your nutrition: Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats and fish and, for maximum benefits, don’t overeat carbohydrates.

The most important of the diet tips for healthy weight loss is to decide what you should be eating and when. Eat at least five times a day and keep track of your daily calorie intake by using a spreadsheet, a simple notebook or even a post-its at the top of your kitchen cabinet. If you find yourself gaining weight quickly, you may need to eat more often. Use a food journal to keep track of your food habits and identify what meals work best with your eating schedule.

Eating healthy does not have to mean boring bland food. Instead, experiment with different textures, flavours and combinations. For instance, did you know that baked beans can add volume to your weight loss plan? Try substituting rice or pasta for the bean spot. You can also spruce up a favourite recipe by changing the ingredients or simply adding more variety.

Cravings: Do you feel like you’re going to eat something when you’ve spotted that snazzy new cupcake or chocolate cake at the supermarket? Weight loss success is more about discipline than cheating, so resist the urge to buy something you don’t need. If you must buy something, choose an item that will make it easy for you to gradually lose weight without putting extra strain on your diet regime. To satisfy cravings between meals, try a protein drink instead of an energy drink. Remember, your body needs food to function, not energy.

Exercise: If you’re serious about weight loss, you need to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. Find a low-impact, cardiovascular-based exercise that you enjoy and perform it regularly. If you haven’t been active, start with a thirty-minute walk a day or go jogging with your friends. If you prefer sports, sign up for a tennis or golf fitness class. As your activity level increases, you can gradually increase the intensity of your exercise, adding weight loss results as you become more fit.

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