PUBG Mobile India to See a Second Coming Back?

PUBG Mobile is officially (and legally) is known as PUBG Mobile. In India, the application is better known as PUBG Mobile as well and is developed and released by Tencent. The company has been trying to relaunch a few country-specific versions of the game for some time now. Since the relaunching seems to be going very well, I have requested PUBG Mobile to be translated into several languages. The result is that I now have an application that is widely used in India and several other countries as well.

If you are from India, this means that you have probably heard about the coming of PUBG Mobile from a friend or an acquaintance. The news of the impending PUBG comeback in India was initially reported in the Indian newspapers. Later, news of the launch made it’s way online. India is well known for its penchant for mobile applications and especially for PUBG Mobile, which were the brainchild of Kollywood. It’s popularity came via rumor and word of mouth and eventually the news broke.

However, India isn’t the only country that has banned this game. PUBG Mobile was banned in several countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Given the fact that this is a free to play mobile game, these countries felt it necessary to ban it given the potential for players from these countries to gain access to the source code of the application, which allows them to do anything from hacking and modifying content to altering game settings. This is basically information technology act in that these countries felt that people would get hold of the source code and use it for illegal purposes.

As of now, PUBG still allows you to do the normal game play but the company has issued a restriction on selling the game to the iOS platform. This is basically a technical limitation, but it means that you can’t actively try out the game on your iPhone. Considering the fact that most iPhones run on the iOS platform, this isn’t such a big loss because the majority of Indians have iPhones. In India, iPhone sales are growing considerably and the ban by PUBG still isn’t so unexpected.

On the other hand, PUBG has revealed plans to bring back its India mobile version. The developer is quoted as saying that he wants to “make sure that the experience of the fans that had left the game completely after the launch is achieved.” With this statement, we can expect that we will be seeing the return of the popular game in India. Although PUBG Mobile India is relaunched, it doesn’t mean that the developers will simply copy what the Chinese company did and come up with the same experience. It means that they will absolutely have their unique take on the theme and will cater to the ever changing needs of the Indian audience.

Right from PUBG’s statement to the ban, we can easily see that the mobile game industry in India is no stranger to controversy. Even with PUBG’s relaunch, we can expect more controversies to break out in the Indian market. What we can also be assured is that as long as there are people who love gaming, there will always be an audience for it. In the coming years, we can expect a lot of changes in the Indian mobile market.

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