Standing Up to Corruption: Understanding Why Punishment is Necessary for Disgraced Real Estate Agents

We are writing this with heavy hearts that we report on the verdict of Aaron’s appeal to overturn his jail sentence. Drever’s appeal was rejected through Justice Paul Davison, thereby closing his legal case. Drever’s family and friends are grieving over the loss of their loved one. Drever was a highly successful real estate agent and has served the last two years behind bars for fraud and deceit and also for stealing documents. Drever’s experience was further aggravated by the brutal assault he suffered in the kitchens of Ngawha Prison by an inmate who was not supposed to be in the prison.

1. What crime was Aaron Drever convicted of?

Aaron Drever, a disgraced real estate agent, been denied a restraining order and must remain in prison for the offense. Drever was found guilty of both fraud and forgery. Both of these serious criminal acts carry a severe sentence. Fraud, in this case it refers to the illegal usage of another’s identity for financial gain, and forgery is the act of manipulating a document for an advantage. In this case the court determined that Aaron utilized a fake document for the purchase of a home which was then fraud and forgery. The court rejected his appeal. The defendant will remain in jail until he is punished.

2. What sentence was handed to Drever in the case of Justice Paul Davison?

Justice Paul Davison denied Drever’s appeal and ordered him to stay in prison. Justice Davison imposed a long period of imprisonment as well as a large fee to Drever in return for restitution of the crimes the defendant was found guilty of. This verdict was delivered in order to ensure that Drever would not be able to continue engaging in criminal activities. It will provide a barrier for other criminals who might be at risk. Even though the sentence could seem harsh, it serves to bring Drever accountable for his conduct.

3. What was the way that Mr. and Mrs. White react to the overwhelming support that they had received?

Undoubtedly, the Whites, Mrs. White and Mr. White felt overwhelmed by the massive public response they received upon announcing that their appeal to their son was denied and that he will be held behind bars. They became unwitting ambassadors for victims of a broken justice system, and the general public loved them. The support was shown through a myriad of methods such as social media campaign to community rallies and it showed Mr. as well as Mrs. White that they were not the only ones struggling. Although they are obviously devastated about the prospect of their son being kept in prison, the overwhelming outpourings of affection and love they received from the public were a great source of encouragement.

4. What incident in Ngawha Prison affected Drever?

The development of the scandal surrounding the real estate agent’s appeals being refused and his need to stay behind bars is a sad illustration of the legal system’s limited ability to show mercy. The incident that occurred at Ngawha Prison, which exacerbated the problem, turned into an escalating fight between the agent Drever. Drever, and four guards from the prison. The fight reportedly started after Drever and the guards were engaged in an intense discussion which escalated to physical confrontation and concluded with Drever being taken into custody and placed in isolation. The court rejected Drever’s appeal in light of the incident and other facts. In the end, Drever is left to accept the consequences of his actions and is sentenced to prison.

Quick Summary

In three separate cases, involving Adam White, Aaron Drever as well as members of members of the Church of Scientology, justice remains elusive. White was wrongly sentenced to jail for protection of his home, Aaron Drever suffered a violent assault in jail as well as victims of sexual assaults and rapes by Church members have not been dealt justice. While it’s encouraging to see the generosity of donations to Adam White and his young family members, there is no doubt that there is more to be done to deliver true justice and accountability to all who suffered in the hands of powerful people or institutions.

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