Exploring the International Reactions to Iran’s Call for Self-

Paris was the location of an adolescent and violent attack on Friday 14 June. A person was killed, three were wounded and one was admitted to critical care. This suspect Emine Kara, was one of the leaders of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in France and was detained following a visit to an establishment for hairdressing. The public is largely condemning the crime as deeply troubling. Nasser Kan’ani who is the spokesperson for the Kurdish Women’s Movement in France made a statement decrying the assault and expresses sorrow over the tragic events. He also called for justice to be done as well as for the full truth of what happened to be made public.

1. Which organization were Emine Kara a leader of?

Emine Kara is a leader of the French Human Rights League (LDH) An organization that was established in 1898 with the mission to protect and promote human rights in France as well as around the globe. They provide legal advice and advocacy in addition to education and civic action. Responding to the latest announcements about Iran urging French police to exercise restraint, Kara has said that the LDH will continue to monitor the situation and urge the French authorities to respect the fundamental rights of human beings and freedoms like freedom of peaceful assembly. Kara warned about the risks of using excessive force and police violence and called for an independent investigation into any incidents of such.

2. What did Nasser Kan’ani’s condemnation of?

A senior Iranian Official Nasser Kanani last week condemned the excessive use of force by the French police to respond to protests following protests following the Yellow Vest movement. He urged the French police to be self-controlling and use force only whenever it’s necessary. He noted that the French people have a right to peacefully protest and exercise their right to free freedom of speech, expression and expression. The police must not be allowed to employ violence as a means of quelling the protestssince this could just lead to a further increase in violence which could be harmful for the safety of the population and the stability of the nation.

3. Which number of people injured in the Paris attack?

The Iranian-related incident that occurred which occurred in Paris in recent times has caused concern for many individuals, as it has resulted in numerous wounded. The incident has become such a serious matter that the Iranian government has urged to the French police to demonstrate restraint in their response. Notably, the number of victims by this particular incident is still a matter of debate. In the beginning, there was a report that there were four persons harmed, however, further inquiry revealed that the actual number actually was three. It is a shocking reminder about the need to be sure of the facts when handling sensitive or complicated scenarios.

4. Why was the suspect taken into police arrest?

The reports of Iran urging French police to demonstrate self-control is concerning, as it relates to an incident that resulted in the arrest of a suspect. The suspect was detained in connection with a break-in inside a residence in the French City of Bordeaux. It is reported that the suspect was taken into custody in connection with theft due to personal possessions of those living in the home had been stolen. Though the owner of the objects stolen is not clear, we can assume the suspect was in search of something of value.

Quick Summary

The attack at Paris’ Kurdish cultural centre was evidently a hate crime. This also serves as a sad warning about the increasing incidence of race and xenophobia that are prevalent in many countries. Unfortunately, the French response to the attack- and to subsequent protests about the violence of police- was met with harsh actions. This is a chance to come together to fight hatred of violence, ignorance, and hatred everywhere, whether it is manifested through the tragic events of this attack or social inequality. The goal must be to establish an environment that values and accepts diversity and encourages respect, tolerance, understanding respect , and equality for all.

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